Care Guide


The only thing you need to take care of your product is to use neatsfoot oil or olive oil.

  1. Using a clean, slightly damp cloth, gently wipe down your leather to remove any visible grim or dirt so nothing gets caught in the leather pores (this is particularly important for older, much-loved leather goods).
  2. Allow to air-dry. Do not dry using external sources of heat like ovens or hair dryers.
  3. Start with a small, fingernail-sized amount of oil or leather balm in the palm of your hand, on a plate, or dabbed on a clean, dry cloth. This will allow you to monitor how the leather responds. You can always add more, bit by bit.
  4. Test small amount on a hidden patch of leather to preview results. Using your hand, you can start gently rubbing the oil into the leather using a circular motion. You can also use a clean, dry cotton cloth by dabbing the cloth in the oil and gently rubbing it over the leather in a circular motion.
  5. The leather will start to absorb the oil or balm immediately. The appearance may initially darken, but over the next 24 hours, it will return to its natural state.